We use the services of large domain name registrars. RegTime, UK2, Directi are among them. The domain is of great importance, it is the address of the network connection, it is identified by the domain name, which is the main component of any site. The domain name is the name of the site, the method of organization, navigation, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions:
I own a domain that has been registered to another company , can I place it on your hosting?
To do this, you should change the NS domains into :
How much time is required for the registration of a domain?
As a rule , the registration takes 1-2 days from the date of transferring money to the account. Domain Registration starts in a few minutes after receiving the payment.
Can I provide confidentiality by entering false credentials?
Credentials are not controlled excluding areas . SU and . RU. However, we hasten to warn you that in the case of incorrect credentials, you can not:
- Sell or transfer a domain to another person;
- Defend your legitimate right to the domain that belongs to you in the event of a dispute .
Whom are the ordered domains registered to - me or your company?
All ordered domains are registered to customers. That is, the rightful owner of your domain name will be you .
Do I have the right to sell my authority to the domain in the future ?
Yes. Because the domain is registered to you , then you can dispose of it at your will.
Our company provides reliable and quality hosting services at very affordable prices. Installed servers support such technologies as : Perl, MySQL and PHP. Priority areas of the activity of the company in the provision of hosting is the confidentiality and security of information . So we regularly back up the data, and also provide quality technical support.
Frequently asked questions about hosting:
Can I choose another tariff plan?
Yes, you can switch to any other tariff plan at a convenient for you time. To do this, you have to simply select it in your account control panel . The cost of the switch is only $ 0.10 .
How can I connect to my email on the site?
For mail program setting you must specify the four characteristics :
- Server POP3:
- Server SMTP:
- Login - the name you assigned to your mailbox ;
- Example :
- The password for your email.
Dedicated servers
In this section you will find the most popular questions on dedicating servers , hosting and domains . However, if you can not find the information you need , please contact customer support company, where our experts will answer all your questions.
What is the server dedication and what it represents?
First of all, thanks to this service, you get:
- Unlimited bandwidth ;
- Four dedicated IP-address;
- 100 GB of dedicated memory for information backup ;
- The possibility of restarting through a ticket system at any time;
- The absolute access to the root directory;
- Data recovery on request ;
- The ability to install VNC on demand.
Providing a constant rate - 100 Mbit / s, which, while reaching the monthly limit of 1,9  will be limited to 10 Mb / sec . You can pay ˆ 29 for an extra 1 TB of traffic to the maximum speed of 100 MB / sec .
Payment Methods
You can pay for our services via major Internet payment systems
Payment is possible in one of the following ways:
-Transfer from the e-wallet Webmoney;
- Transfer with Paymer check or WM- card ;
- Payment via mobile wallet Telepat.
Answers to common questions
How to become a client of our company
You need to register and update your account for the amount needed for the payment of selected service . After that, ou can make an order.
What is Web Hosting?
Hosting is a service for placing a website on the internet for it can be accessible from any point of the world . For this reason the site is located on the server.
The data center is a specialized telecommunication equipment and technical means for information storage . The equipment is placed in special rooms where all the conditions are created for the smooth operation of systems.
Why do you need a domain name?
Domain name is an alpha-numeric designation , which is a necessary component of the Internet address. It allows you to identify the site or mailbox address on the Internet.
For example , -the domain name for the Internet address - A registered domain name can be unused or active depending on the owner`s wishes. If it is used, it is contacted with IP- address. It is a unique numeric address of the computer (host) , where a site is placed to which the domain name belongs.