Symantec™ SSL Certificates

Symantec™ SSL Certificates

Number 1 trusted

Save Issuance Validation Site Seal Cost  
Symantec Secure Site Certificate - - - - $329.00 per year Order
Symantec Secure Site Pro Certificate - - - - $799.00 per year Order
Symantec Secure Site with EV Certificate $799.00 per year Order
Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV Certificate - - - - $1 199.00 per year Order

Why SSL?
A Deeper Look at Certificates

This is quite clear to everybody that SSL certificates are the Internet's protocol for encrypting & protecting data sent from browsers to servers. But what they also do is significantly boost a website user's trust & confidence by activating browser indicators like https, the secure padlock icon, company names displayed time-stamped trust seals and the green address bar! Fact is, hacking is on the rise and TRUST is now imperative to winning business online.

Promote the globe’s most trusted brands. Trust is a key differentiator for your customers’ online success. SSL certificates from the most globally recognized Certificate Authorities (CA) to legitimize their website, protect information and help them their business.

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SSL solutions come in many forms & sizes as follows;

Client needs
Showcase the most trust & Confidence
Extended Validation (EV)
These certificates require through validation, in exchange for the highest level of customer assurance. Users choose green address bar only to earn the trust of customers and security of website. EV is recommended mostly for any ecommerce, financial or government website and highly for anyone wanting to maximize their trust and assurance online.

Prove that I’m legitimate business
Organization Validated (OV)
These mid-level certificates provide full business authentication and persuade their customers that they’re a checked company and security to do business with.


Protect one website
Domain Validated (DV)
The fastest & most simple SSL solution is suited for low traffic websites that don’t have an e-commerce or depend on customer confidence. Such certificates need to check domain ownership before issuance.


Protect multiple websites
Perfect for covering many domains with just one certificate. Multi-Domain Certificates are with DV, OV or EV validation.


Protect all sub-domains
These certificates cover one domain and an unlimited amount of subdomains They can be DV or OV.